3D Characters Guide

Hello, dear CG-Moon users. This post is a short guide to 3D characters. All models are provided in Blender software format. The models are optimized and ready to export from Blender to game engines. On the product page inside the Additional information box, you can see if a model is rigged or not.

Non-Rigged Characters

Non-rigged models only contain one blender file named model.blend along with texture files. There is also a Gltf file (model.glb) included for your convenience in case you want to directly import the model into other 3D modeling software. These characters have no bone on them so you need to rig them yourself if you want to animate them. For example you can use the Auto Rig Pro Blender addon for rigging them. In the future, we will try to include a rigged version for popular models.

Rigged Characters

Rigged models contain two blender files, model.blend and model-rig.blend. The first file (model.blend) contains the non-rigged version of the model in case you want to rig it yourself using your preferred rigging tool. The second file (model-rig.blend) contains the rigged version of the model. They are rigged with the popular Auto Rig Pro Blender addon (version 3.64 and up). You can easily remap all animations from Mixamo.com (and other supported animations) onto the character using Auto Rig Pro remap tool and export it to Unity or Unreal engine. It is a commercial add-on that you can get from Blender Market. For more info about addon features please read its documentation. You can also take a look at these great video tutorials made by CGDive.

Final words!

And finally, you need to have Blender version 3 or higher which you can download for free from blender.org.

If you have any questions feel free to ask on our Discord channel or via ticket.

Thanks for reading and hope you find this guide useful 🙂

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